My Portfolio

To avoid having to make disclosures of my holdings in every post I present my portfolio below. I hold the following stocks listed on the JSE:

  • Accelerate Property Fund (APF)
  • ARB Holdings (ARH)
  • Blue Label Telecoms (BLU)
  • Balwin Properties (BWN)
  • Bowler Metcalf (BCF)
  • CSG Holdings (CSG)
  • Grindrod (GND, GNDP)
  • Hosken Consolidated Investments (HCI)
  • Indluplace Properties (ILU)
  • Jubilee Metals (JBL)
  • Lewis (LEW)
  • Master Drilling Group (MDI)
  • Metrofile (MFL)
  • MTN Group (MTN)
  • Nu-World Hldgs (NWL)
  • Phumelela Game Leisure (PHM)
  • Purple Group (PPE)
  • SATRIX Divi
  • Sabcap (SBP)
  • Santova Logistics (SNV)
  • Stefanutti Stock Holdings (SSK)
  • Value (VLE)
  • Wescoal Holdings (WHL)
  • York Timber Holdings (YRK)

7 thoughts on “My Portfolio

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    • The TFSA allocation is all in Satrix Divi. And that is the only tracker fund holding. I despise fees and firmly believe in by-to-hold, hence I believe I am better served with a diversified portfolio of individual shares.


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